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Our history

Lyspackaging is a French company which was created in January 2015 by Nicolas Moufflet, an expert in eco-design and packaging creation.

The Lyspackaging project is based on innovation with the creation of new materials from plants that would disintegrate without toxicity during biodegradation in the compost to replace petrochemical plastic bottles in PET.

After two years of research and development, Lyspackaging is proud in 2017 to announce the first manufacturing of bio-based, biodegradable and compostable bottles certified food and certified compostable by an independent French laboratory.


These bottles will bear the VEGANBOTTLE brand. Brand that has been supporting many creations and innovations in several sectors: agrifood, food supplements, cosmetics ...

Several patents are filed both relating to stopper systems, the manufacture of preforms and materials. Specific machines and molds are developed to meet this challenge. In particular the incorporation of organic and mineral matter (flax, hemp, reed, shell, seeds, stones, bagasse ...)

Numerous distinctions recognize the work and interest of the VEGANBOTTLE project which offers an alternative to traditional plastics, avoids the use of fossil resources, reduces CO2 emissions.

  • Grand prix planet by French tech Polynesia the solution for the islands 2021


  • RMC PME Prize for the most creative in France 2019

  • Labeled by the SOLARIMPULSE foundation of Bertrand Picard 1000 solutions for the planet 2019

  • ....

In 2020, the first signing of a contract for the installation of a production unit in Mauritius.

In 2021, end of the installation in Mauritius and signature of a new installation in Guadeloupe.

Lyspackaging is developing internationally, has more than 120 customers, 20 employees and achieves a turnover of 2.8M € in 2021.

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