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–> This weekend, we had the chance, Valerie Pouletaud and I to accompany our BTS Management and Water Management students from the Georges Desclaude high school in Saintes in the presentation of their project: “Plastic, let's stop eating petroleum! ” in front of a fully packed amphitheater.

To “Get out of PET plastic”, the students set up a partnership with the local startup Lyspackaging Nicolas Moufflet Anita Mishra, whom we thank for their flawless support.

We would also like to thank Jean-michel Bregeon for his unfailing support in order to finalize this great innovative initiative at the service of our territories.

Each of us eat the plastic equivalent of a credit card (5g) every week. Through our collective project, we propose to take plastic bottles out of high school (AgrocampusBottle) by promoting awareness-thinking around alternative solutions based on nature and cooperation-complementarity between agriculture. No longer eating plastic: a necessity for human health - for living things, for the climate and biodiversity, for the resilient food systems of tomorrow from the local to the global.

You will find below and in detail the work carried out by the students whom we congratulate.

The students of BTS GEMEAU indeed wish to act in our territory because plastic pollution becomes an existential problem from the local level to the global level. Their approach is also in line with the themes of module M51 of the BTS GEMEAU.

Plastic isn't fantastic: how do you end up eating 5g of plastic each per week? What if we offered solutions to get out of it?

At a time when we are witnessing a worldwide explosion in the production and consumption of plastic, which is found in rivers and then in the oceans, how to act? Indeed the Impacts on fishery resources and the entire food chain - food webs with consequences on human and animal health, the climate and biodiversity which are dramatic: Plastic obstructs the implementation of food sovereignty here and over there.

Knowing that the vast majority of plastics in the oceans come and therefore leave the land, we wanted to raise awareness and take action because it is an issue of collective resilience.

Student objective (s):

In addition to the communication tools deployed in the school such as posters, slide shows (translated into English), we are presenting our project in October 2021 in the amphitheater.

In our search for alternative solutions to PET plastics we found in the local entrepreneurial ecosystem in Chaniers in the Agglomeration Community of Saintes, in our territory, an innovative start-up that manufactures bottles from plants. This gourd - a solution based on nature and contributing to the complementarity between agricultural sectors, makes it possible to envisage the production of 100% biodegradable bottles. After discussions and then meeting our class with N. Moufflet, manager of the Lyspackaging company, a cooperation was set up to finalize our recyclable and reusable bottle "Agrocampus Bottle LGD". After drawing the water bottle and collectively choosing the design in high school, the Lyspackaging company offered us a mold that met our expectations by giving us this one as a gift.

Through the production of 400 “Agrocampus Desclaude” gourds, we propose to take out the PET plastic bottles used by the various learners and replace them with our reusable and recyclable water bottle, particularly during daytime and school trips.

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