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Lyspackaging opens its capital

Updated: Jan 17

For its 3rd fundraising, the company is innovating by conquering its community.

It's with the crowdfunding platform TUDIGO than adventure began during the month of December 2023.

Several steps and increased digital communication will make it possible to find these new investors who are looking to support a meaningful project.

The company has been committed for 8 years to fighting plastic pollution by offering a 100% biosourced alternative, made from organic materials.

Getting out of our dependence on fossil fuels is a vision understood and accepted by consumers who since 2019 have reversed trends by favoring quality products over quantity.

90% expect brands to engage and help to consume better. 

Unfortunately traditional financing is still cautious and conditioned by the voices of multinationals.

Touching and directly meeting this community which wishes to accelerate the ecological transition and see CO2 emissions drop drastically, is the main motivation for this crowdfunding.

It's a fundraising which allows anyone to invest their money for a period of 5 to 7 years.

At the exit, the investor resells its shares and recovers a capital gain or loss depending on the performance of the company.

The Veganbottle brand wants to develop internationally

France is procrastinating on biomaterials while in Europe, Italy and Switzerland have been collecting this packaging with biowaste to compost it industrially, efficiently for 10 years.

Islands that do not have the infrastructure to recycle, bury or send their waste most often to Asia. Which is a social and environmental aberration.

There are therefore very strong expectations and legislation already underway for the elimination of petroleum-sourced plastic packaging, for biodegradable and compostable solutions, non-toxic for health and the environment.

Several factories are already attesting to this development.

The companies be.eau in Mauritius, BioWithYou in Guadeloupe and in a few months, BioPack in Tahiti are producing Veganbottle.

So, if you too are sensitive to plastic pollution, microparticles, the protection of water and oceans,

you can from January 18, 2024 become our investor.

Investments are open! 

WARNING: Investing involves a risk of loss of invested capital.

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